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All Urso Luxury collections are unique in style and craftsmanship. Rooted in Italian tradition, Urso Luxury is quite the opposite of today's mass production operations. Giuseppe, his brother Lucio and his son Riccardo are creators of most of Urso's designs. While the brand relies mostly on local artists and workshops, they are also working to incorporate the latest technologies collaborating with partners in other parts of the world. Urso Luxury's goal, however, is to continue to use the traditional Jewellery making methods, which are increasingly endangered in the industry, that make their pens so special and sought after.
It requires 100 operations, superb artistry, master craftsmen, and a lot of love in a week to produce an Urso Luxury pen. In today's mass-production Urso Luxury is the epitome of slow handmade designs, bringing the best local artisanal skills and techniques to produce world-class luxury accessories

"I try to catch the essence of things in the same way a painter, an architect, a philosopher or a theologies would do."
Urso Giuseppe